A week staying near Lamorna.

Warm, sunny, calm, all week.

A firecrest in our garden on the first morning was nice. Always a good bird to see. It could be found most days somewhere in the 3/4 of an acre garden and a couple of days later there were two. Three robins guarding their territories would chase off any small birds that came anywhere near them. Clouded yellows and wall browns were in the garden too, with tawnys calling every night. One night we heard  the low, deep ‘hoo’ call every couple of seconds that we think was a long-eared owl.

firecrest in the garden

No rares were turning up, but a couple of seawatching sessions at Porthgwarra produced a good number of Balearic shearwaters (c90) on one day. A great skua and hundreds of gannets were seen. A small pod of dolphins close inshore were identified as bottlenosed by some marine students. A sunfish was attended by a couple of gulls.

Leaving Porthgwarra we noticed an odd looking crow on a farm building, it was a hoodie. I found out later that it had been around for some time.

hooded crow

Lots of wheatears and stonechats and ravens were seen on our walks along the coastal path. A hummingbird hawk moth was a good sight to see.

hummingbird hawk moth
looking from our window


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