Yep – Marston Whinchats

Better light this afternoon so called in for an hour to see if I could get better pics than yesterday (I know I am always wanting better – photographers OCD I guess!). The leak field was being sprayed and so I went to the hide for a sit down and wait. Alan Diggins was in there so we had a chat and a catch up as we had not seen one another for a wee while.

After 30 or so minutes watching the usual Marston ducks and not a lot else I decided I would get to the spot where Dave R and I saw the birds yesterday and just wait. I briefly and I mean briefly saw a lone Whinchat and got the pics below before it went off towards the horse paddock, pics of this same bird below.




While waiting I again caught sight only fleetingly of a Whitethroat and then a female Reed Bunting, pics below. A Little Egret flew from and then back to the shallow pool near Hougham Mill Lane.



On the way back to the car I bumped into Joe Stockil and again had a few minutes catch up on how things were going, I told Joe about the Whinchats and we went our separate ways, Joe did not see the birds he later told me, next time mate 😉


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