Marston Whinchats

Dave R texted me to say he was with the 2 Marston Whinchats in the afternoon so off i went to see if he could guide me to my first ever sighting of these lovely birds.

We met up in the car park as dave was enjoying a energy replenishing snack (he had already been out and about for most of the day) and off we went: within minutes a long distance sighting was obtained – this time I had remembered to bring along my bins as I normally forget so good views were guarranteed!


My first sighting was the image above as both birds (female and juvenile?) perched together nicely albeit from afar.

We moved up and down to follow the birds from distance and enjoyed the experience of seeing these delightful Chats.


One Whinchat displayed its love  to  perch ‘soldier-like’ just like its close relative the Stonechat as in the photo above, no surprise that really eh?


A lot of the time we watched the birds throughout the various levels of vegetation still getting decent views but not so good for a picky hobbyist avian photographer like me!

These are lovely birds as I am sure you are all aware and I hope it is not too long before I get to see them again, a few more pics taken at Marston on a dull day below.




Had to include Dave’s favourite shot of the day for him, he loved the colours in the image above, hope you do too?



The birds were pretty mobile and perched in tall elders as well as the lower vegetation although we saw Dunnocks appear to chase the birds out of the elder on a couple of occasions.


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