Local delights

Really glad I decided to stay local yesterday, as some good birds were around. My contact at Denton, Simon Curtin, who does the Webs count for the res., texted me on Thursday. He had a group of nine red-crested pochards. They were still there.  After three singles here in the last ten months these seem to have taken a liking to the place. Dunlin and common sandpiper were the only two waders.

Over at Marston, the two whinchats found by Trev Lee were still there. The fields to the north of Hougham mill lane were being ploughed and a lot of large gulls were present, at one stage 2-3,000, mostly l b backs. There was one yellow-legged gull for sure with, undoubtedly, more. They were mostly very distant and it was very hazy. Later on I found a better viewing spot, Frinkley lane, down by the village hall. Most of the gulls had dispersed or gone to roost, but you are closer to them here. I would think the gulls should be in the area for the next few days, judging by the size of the fields.

Yellow wagtails are still around in decent numbers, 20 to 30 in the paddocks and around the works.

I was joined by Spadge and we had a stroll. A jay flew over carrying an acorn. A noisy juvenile green woodpecker made itself known. A kingfisher flew up from the works. A spotted flycatcher peched on wires.

My auto focus meant I got this spider, instead of a spotfly and a pipit sp. on the wire in the distance!
Young goldie.


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