Phuket August 2014 – Nai Yang resort

Had the good luck to get a positive result from the PPI banking fiasco and this lead to Karen and I jetting off to our favourite Holiday destination Thailand for a week.

As usual I carried my camera around with me at all times (well most) during the days as you just don’t know what you may see do you? Below are a few images the 40 odd species I saw, some able to be identified and photographed and some not!

Hope you like the pics folks!

NYangAsGlossStarl-2Asian Glossy Starlings (2 males) – seen mainly in our hotel grounds.

NYangAshDrongo-2Ashy Drongo (new species for me) – this bird was seen on a walk just behind the beach in a wooded area and was feeding on flies over a rubbish tip.


NYangBrThoSbird-2Above male (top pic) and female Brown Throated Sunbird – birds seen as close as 10 feet from the balcony of our room also seen around the resort.

NYangCollKF-2Collared Kingfisher – walking along Nai Yang beach I saw a flash of blue and found this glorious bird hidden in trees right on the beach.

NYangComTailorbdCommon Tailorbird – all over as I expected and a small bird with one hell of a loud call, a sculking species so hard to get a decent shot of.

NYangCopsmiBarb-2Coppersmith Barbet – saw this species on 3 occasions, once in our resort in a wooded area running parallel to the beach, once in trees with Asian Glossy Starlings a few roads back from the beach and in the centre of an urban area in a resort called Karon Beach. This bird was happily posing above a market stall selling sunglasses!

NYangCrTrSwift-2-2Crested Treeswift (new species for me) – these graceful flyers were mixed in with Pacific Swallows hunting flies around some derelict buildings for one day only, so lucky to get a shot or two of them.

NYangHoopoe-2Hoopoe – We saw this species in the same wooded area close to the beach at Nai Yang on a couple of occasions.

NYangMyna-2Common Myna – seen all over Thailand as you probably know a clever species that is seen in many hotels when it is breakfast time helping themselves to the food on the tables when unattended.

NYangOBSunbird-2Olive Backed Sunbird (male) – did not see as many of these birds as expected where we stayed.

NYangOrMagRob-2Oriental Magpie Robin – another common species, when you see a dark steel coloured male in sunshine it is a sight to behold.

NYangPacSwallb-2Pacific Swallow – quiet a few birds around and this one liked the dead tree right on the beach and was always landing there between sorties for food.

NYangPeaceDove-2Peaceful Dove – a few seen about the place mainly in the company of Spotted Doves.

NYangPiFantailPied Fantail (female or juvenile) – only saw this species once it was in the same area as the Ashy Drongo, there was a male but did not get to photograph it.

NYangRoller-2Indian Roller – my favourite bird of the holiday possibly – these were seen in numbers of up to 6 in the wooded area we walked along most days that ran parallel with the beach

NYangSpicefinchb-2Spicefinch – saw a good number of these birds wherever we went a cracking little finch.

NYangSpoDove-2Spotted Dove – seen now and then not as often as I would have imagined going by my past visits to Thailand.

NYangStrEarBulbul-2Streak Eared Bulbul – fairly plain and common species these saw them all over our resort.

NYangTreSpar-2Eurasian Tree Sparrow – most common bird seen on our week away, they were breeding well, young birds all over but most looked a lot more dishevelled than our UK based birds.

NYangVeHngParrot-2Vernal hanging Parrot (new species for me) – these lovely little Parrots were seen in a tree located next to one of the swimming pools in our hotel, they were feeding on berries along with Asian Glossy Starlings, go to see them twice.

NYangWhFroKFWhite Fronted Kingfisher – saw this bird on a cable overhanging the hotels tennis courts on a walk around the grounds one afternoon.

NYangYeVeBulbulYellow Vented Bulbul – another bird I have seen in the past and one I expected to see more of but only got half a dozen views with most being distant and in thick vegetation.

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