More More More

More birding, more Frampton, more waders.

Last week at Frampton was so good I returned for another dose. Incorporating a walk to the Witham mouth for the high tide I recorded no less than twenty-five species of waders;

lapwing, lots.

ringed plovers, 50+, on reserve and at  Witham mouth.

little ringed plovers, 6+, (adult seen with chic.)

golden plover, grassland.

grey plover, 2 at W/m.

oystercatcher, 150+.

avocet, scattered around but not as many as recently.

snipe, at least 30.

black-tailed godwit, hundreds, on reserve and at W/m.

bar-tailed godwit, several at W/m, probably lots more in the distant heat haze (or blackwits).

redshank, lots inc. a flock of 100+ at W/m.

spotted redshank, summer plumaged bird.

greenshank, reedbed.

curlew, 150+, saltmarsh and W/m.

whimbrel, 50+, saltmarsh.

wood sandpiper, 2, from sea wall.

green sandpiper, 6.

common sandpiper, 3.

curlew sandpiper, 2 early, on reedbed, then 3 differently plumaged birds later from road.

ruff, 25+.

little stint, 1, from visitor centre.

knot, flock of 100+, at times some with the godwits.

dunlin, 200+, scattered over reserve.

sanderling, couple of small flocks at W/m.

turnstone, c50 at W/m.

What a place, not many that could match that array of waders. ( Seems the lesser yellowlegs has now gone on it’s way).

Other stuff included a turtle dove, lesser whitethroat, spoonbill, 25 yellow wags, 7 brent geese, a few sandwich terns, and of course, the glossy ibis.

Butterfly of the day was a painted lady at the Witham mouth.


In my opinion this juv. sandwich tern was the most beautiful bird of the day.


little stint and ringed plover


One thought on “More More More

  1. I think the young sandwich tern in the pics is a 2nd cal year bird (born last year, rather than a juv). Dave.

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