Two sightings in one day- (song title there?)

Whilst travelling to Sutton Bridge this afternoon to attend a meeting there at 12.50pm I saw a rather fit looking Muntjac at the T junction of Harrowby Lane and the High Dyke (B6403) this was a nice surprise and as I passed slowly the deer looked directly at me (possibly thinking has he not got his camera!!) it then turned back into the hedgerow to disappear safely.  🙂

On the way back home at around 5.45pm I saw a quartering Red Kite over fields heading in the general direction of Ropsley Wood at the small ‘ex lay-by’ turning from the A52 onto the High Dyke (B6403) then all of a sudden the glorious bird took a dive into a field as it must have seen some prey.

Nice sightings them eh! 🙂

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