Langford rspb

My volunteer shift today was livened up with my first sighting of the resident very elusive bittern. I was about to lock up the hut when it flew up out of the reed fringe next to the decking, just twenty or so metres away from the position I’d been manning all day, and about one metre away from where two ladies had had their picnic earlier! It was also seen yesterday in the same place. If you fancy seeing it be prepared to sit and wait for hours. It’s a nice place to be, though.


Apart from that pretty quiet, birdwise. A kingfisher sat in a dead tree then went to sleep for a while. A common sandpiper, 3 redshanks, an oystercatcher and fifty odd lapwings made up the waders. A sparrowhawk zipped through.  Butterflies, damsels and dragonflies were all over the place. Painted lady butterfly was reported.

emperor moth caterpillar
common sandpiper

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