Woodland Waters – last weekend

Myself and my friend Steve (@46Godo on Twitter) along with our wives decided to go for a weekend to a local campsite for a night away in our motorhomes, we chose Woodland Waters in Southern Lincolnshire as it is a decent site with loads of fishing lakes (if this is your thing!) Woodland Walks and a bar on site with great food there too 🙂

We met up on saturday afternoon with a nice spot at the end of the specimen lake secured, a little time setting up our motorhomes and a couple of beers later during which I caught a distant sighting of a Kingfisher heading towards the previously mentioned specimen lake. Sadly this was the only sighting of the glorious Kingfisher this time.


Above and below our motorhomes all set up for the night.


All 4 of us then went for a couple of hours walk around all the lakes and into the woodlands before we had to get ready for a meal and a pint or two in the restaurant on site. Fishing is the main thing here but there is always something of interest at all times of the year to keep us birdy folks happy too.

The Specimen Lake

Very soon we came across the many, many Greylag Geese on site and these birds had loads of young in tow.


These Geese were mainly on land but occasionally small groups of them made it to the water, mainly the large specimen lake. Walking around we came across Great Crested Grebes with demanding and hungry young also.


Walking around the specimen lake we got the odd ariel view of a Grey Heron (or 2?) passing over us and eventually saw one at the end of the larger lake just long enough to get the odd photo of it before it once again took to the air.


Loads of Mallards of all guises, ages and colours were seen around the perimeters of the lakes, another successful breeding season for these birds here. The wooded areas proved to be interesting with lots of the usual finches about Chaffinch, Blue and Great Tit most with young in tow. We saw a small family (?) of Treecreepers in a quieter part of the site with the photo below being my best effort of the weekend capturing this wonderful species.


Blackcaps and Coal Tits were aplenty in the wooded areas, we heard Willow Warbler too. There were lots of Goldcrests about also and we saw large numbers of the duller, scuffier young Goldcrests kicking about with abandon. They were hard to photograph as you would expect and the pic below was shot into dark wooded area.


We had seen from afar a the pair of Egyptian Geese that Steve and I were aware that were here and soon we were making our way back to the area in-between smaller lakes to see if they were still there while heading this was we passed the large posh lodges on the site and saw 50+ Canada Geese with young on a grassy area, adults were watching us pass them very intently to ensure their young were safe, I got the headshot below of an adult.


We then saw another large group of Greylags waiting to be fed by the people staying in the lodges, these too had large numbers of young birds among them. We did not see the Egyptian Geese this time on the way back to our motorhomes but did see a flypast by what I thought was a high and fast Peregrine Falcon (Steve’s wife Lesley did say could it be a Hobby but it looked to big so we went with Peregrine) BUT when home processing the images taken you could easily see the black and white streaking on the body of the bird so Lesley was correct a Hobby, nice!


Swans were also looking after young at differing parts of the site.



We then passed some busy Pied Wagtails, adults and young feeding on the short (Geese maintained) grassy areas for kids to play on. We also saw a lone Green Woodpecker flyover the site heading south on the way back to the motorhomes.


Then we went to the pub for the evening! 


On the way back to our motorhomes we tried to photograph on our mobiles a nice reflection scene on the specimen lake.

Sunday morning began with a bit of bacon and some bread 🙂 and then a brief stroll around the site before we had to prepare to leave, a large group of Greylags were close by and I stooped low to try to get a decent headshot or two, below are two of the resulting pics.



We found the Egyptian Geese and spent a few minutes photographing the pair, few pics taken below.




So all in all a good weekend, for varying reasons 🙂 it is a place I will be calling back to from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Woodland Waters – last weekend

  1. Was wondering what had happened to you ! Really enjoyable read and some lovely close-ups. Never realised greylags could look so good. Treecreeper my fave. Dave

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