A Lincsbirder in Lincs.

Actually did a bit of birding in Lincs today instead of Norfolk. I went back again on Tuesday, this time to see the mega rare spectacled warbler at Burnham Overy Dunes.

I always thought that the (superficially similar) whitethroat was a bright, smart warbler but, after seeing the spectacled warbler, the whitethroats seen later seemed, well, a bit dingy, frankly. Didn’t get any photos, see birdguides and others for some superb images. This bird would really get Packham rubbing his legs.

Anyhow, back to Lincs. Kirkby pits was my destination. Many birds were with young, geese, ducks, avocets, coots, gulls, moorhens, etc. Near the hide a turtle dove perched on wires, my first this year, anywhere.


Veiwing from the hide, a sudden commotion on the far bank signalled a predator, as around thirty resting and preening mallards took to the water. Gulls and terns went mental, but this was no raptor. It was a mink, a beautiful creature, but not good news. I saw it three times, much too quick for me to get a photo though. Just like Marston and many other places these must devastate reserves.

Later on  Waterwell lane, Ancaster was visited. It’s good here for farmland birds. A few corn buntings showed, along with yellow wagtails and yellowhammers and lots of skylarks.

Every now and then some shots went off. I then noticed the source. A guy was in a hide beside a bush, see pic below. I could see his shotgun sticking out. A farmer assured me that the man wouldn’t be shooting anything he shouldn’t, and was probably aiming at pigeons, though I never saw any. The partridges in the pic were still intact.


Marston was my final drop in. Two cuckoos were on show and very vocal, I reckon there are a few in the area. Good numbers of yellow wagtails are in the surrounding potato fields. Two teal were the first for a while and a jay was along Sand lane.


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