A few days in Murcia Spain

Thought I would post a few (well 16) images of first time seen species seen by myself while away visiting my cousin at his new home in Los Nietos, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain.

In total the 5 day trip saw around 80 species and about 20 being lifers, I did not get images of all but here are the 16 I did get. Hope you like?

murciaaudoingull414bAudouin’s Gull

murciabknkgrebe414Black Necked Grebe

murciabkwgstilt414eBlack Winged Stilt

murciacurlsadpip414Curlew Sandpiper

murciafantlwarb414bFan Tailed Warbler (Zitting Cisticola)

murciaflamingo414Greater Flamingo

murciagrtreedwarb414Great Reed Warbler

murciagrwhegret414cGreat White Egret

murciawhisktern414bWhiskered Tern

murciawhhdduck414bWhite Headed Duck

murciaslendbillgull414Slender Billed Gull


murcialiltern414bLittle Tern

murcialilstint414Little Stint

murciakentplovereKentish Plover

murciawhwagtail414bWhite Wagtail

I took about 1000 images while away and will be updating my website species by species but this will take a few weeks as you can imagine.


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