Patch update.

Bumped into ringer Kieth this morning, he told me there were now around 500 hirundines over the works, mostly swallows. I looked there a couple of hours later and they were all gone. They seem to come and go as conditions and temperatures change. When it gets overcast they appear as if from nowhere to feed on the flies.

It became clear that there was a significant arrival of sedge warblers, birds singing all over the reedbeds and grassy plots. Cetti’s warblers are now such a fixture here that we almost take them for granted, at least four singing.

I was very pleased to get a redshank fly over me, not at all common at Marston. Half a dozen snipe flushed up from a marshy area. The only waders on the scrape were a snipe and the two oystercatchers, but it looks bang on-muddy edges now showing. Plenty of birds nest-building. Several pairs of lapwings on surrounding fields.

A jay was along Barkston road and several yellow wags were still in the sheep field.

Found some owl pellets near the rail embankment which I think were barn owls’.

Saw a nice grass snake near the works entrance.

Cuckoo any time soon !


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