Had a look around Belton house, grounds and Londonthorpe area. I couldn’t find the smart blackie with white bits on it, found by Joe, yesterday. (See his previous posting for pics). Still, there was plenty to see and hear.

In the gardens nuthatch, song thrush, blackcaps, chiffchaffs and willow warblers could all be heard singing. A couple of swallows flew around the house.

Up at Belmount wood a tawny owl called at mid-day. A raven was having a scrap with a buzzard. More warblers were heard and a brambling was at the back of the wood. Green woodpeckers yaffled almost continually. Deep in the wood I came across a family of mistle thrushes, two adults and three juvs. They must have begun proceedings really early.

Lots of butterflies enjoyed the sunshine, including  brimstones and orange tips.

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