Ooooh! we’ve got ouzels.

Well, it was only supposed to be a quick walk with Lilly, my dog this morning. I mean, Iv’e been spending more time at Marston than is healthy lately. Shortly before 9 am a female ring ouzel popped out of a hedge in the tilled field down Mill lane. This was enough to get the pulse racing and good views were had for an hour or so. Several of the local boys (and girls) got down pretty sharpish, Spadge and Carol were first  on the scene. They’d got stuff to do, so departed. Jokingly, I told Spadge I would text him when the male appeared. Five minutes later it did!, amazing. I took Lilly home then went back to the site after lunch.

Probably only the second record for the site, following an all to brief sighting by Trev last Spring. This time the birds showed reet proper as Joe Stockil would say. They remained faithful to the same area all day, but would stay hidden for long spells. Good to see quite a few people enjoy the birds, including a couple of lady birders from Surry. en-route to Bempton.


P1070827P1070834P1070835P1070837P1070829P1070825The yellow wagtail numbers seem to be building up steadily with the count getting higher as the day progresses. At 7pm – yep, I was still there! – at least 15 were in the sheep field, and an hour or two earlier 5 were on the settling pans at the works. At least 2 white wagtails were in the field too.

The ouzels are my 93rd species at MSTW this year and my 144th since starting to watch the place ten years ago. (white wag not included).


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