Belton Park

Had a couple of hours in the deer park and woods yesterday afternoon/evening, no migrants as yet but this wasn’t totally unexpected as its a little early yet, I spent 30 minutes in the sheltered wooded valley on the South Eastern corner, in the company of Goldcrests, Marsh Tit, GreatTit and Treecreeper.  Nuthatch & Raven were noticable by their absence, as was the ever elusive Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Green Woodpecker were all over the deer park, this surely must be one of the best places in Lincs to see these beautiful birds ?


No Woodcock, Fox or Cat on this occasion either.

My prediction for this spring in the deer park is Ring Ouzel , the grasslands here are vast and massively under watched, its fast becoming my favourite haunt, so watch this space !

Sat amongst the sheep watching the sun go down listening to this Song Thrush singing its little head off….Priceless !

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