Relaxation of the hunting with dogs law

Please sign this petition folks

“The Government have indicated that they are considering amending the Hunting Act by using an Affirmative Statutory Instrument (SI), a type of legislation that can be used to push unpopular changes through Parliament with less scrutiny than a full vote on repeal would require.

This SI would lift the limit on the number of dogs used to flush out wild mammals and in doing so, with a full pack of up to 40 hounds being used, would make the Act impossible to police and undermine the legislation to such an extent it would be made toothless.

We believe the vote could take place on Wednesday 26th March so we need you to contact your MP immediately and urge them to vote against this devious attempt to bring back cruelty ”

Their homepage gives a link to enable people to contact their MP regarding this, there is also a Government e-petition “Not to Relax or Repeal Fox Hunting Ban”

This back-door move to circumvent the current law without full discussion seems quite cowardly. Some people might wonder if there was a link between this move and vested interests/donations, with a General Election next year…..

Link to template letter to send to your MP :

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