Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire

Last post from me for a few days as am away working for rest of the week, sunny Eastbourne here we come! Will not have time to take my camera with me sadly, bugger!

On way home from a meeting in Nottingham took a detour to Lowdham to see if I could see the Glossy Ibis again and it was still there but still at some distance. The bird was busy feeding all the time while I was there it is certainly reducing the worm population in that field! 🙂 The bird is slowly changing its colour scheme with more green now being visible on its back. I got a fews shots the best one shown below …


Also called into Easthorpe to see what was about near the canal as the sun was in the right direction for a little from the car photography. Plenty of Blue & Great Tits, the Reed Buntings were nervy, Chaffinches, Robins, Dunnocks and a lone Yellowhammer were seen with the majority of birds being Sparrows of the House & Tree variety. Managed a couple of pleasing shots of the lovely Tree sparrow, seen below …



Next time am hoping to get a few Yellowhammer pics, this place is always worth calling into for a few minutes as the activity levels always seem pretty high.


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