Casthorpe – Grantham Canal – 6/3/14

Had a walk along the Grantham Canal hoping to see the Leucistic Blackbird that Dave R not only told us all about the other day but illustrated it with some lovely photo’s. Never seen a Leucistic Blackbird before so was hoping to get a glance at least and maybe a pic or two as well.

The first birds of note to be seen walking down to the ‘Bridle Bridge’ were about 5 or 6 Bullfinches, most of the birds kept to the field side of the hedge running parallel with the canal but one lovely looking male did venture out to my side so belted a few shots off and got the pic below …


I kept my eye out for the target Blackbird to no avail but where I was standing a small group of Long Tailed Tits came to keep me company, got a few up close shots but most were against the sky and so were in shadow and not too clever but when 2 birds came lower down in the hedgerow looking like they were looking for nesting material I managed a few more shots with better light to show of these little beauties nicely, two pics shown below…



I did get to see the Leucistic Blackbird on two occasions on the track side of the canal but it was in the middle of the thick hedgerow and then dived down low towards the ground and was not to be seen again.

I was pleased I saw it though and decided to make my way back to the car and I heard a ‘tit-like’ call that was not a Blue Tit so I scanned the opposite bank of the canal and saw a pair of Marsh Tits tried to get a shot of them but below is the best I managed, the rear end!


Nice hour spent along the short track alongside the canal, will be back on a sunnier day 🙂

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