Alone @ Dunsby – well nearly!

Had just over an hour at Dunsby Fen yesterday  afternoon (4/3/14) before dark and was left alone to enjoy 4 possibly 5 Short Eared Owls in the top field behind French’s Farm.

The birds were active in differing numbers upon my arrival with the odd noisy ariel battle being witnessed too, which was nice! I as you would expect; took a good number of images and ended up with about 12 decent ones to record the evening with these stunning birds, 9 of which are seen below.





I then had a SEO come in from high and to my right that dropped into what I thought was long grass / vegetation; I thought I would not see that bird again but as I drove slowly back towards French’s Farm I saw the bird sitting tight and pretty close to the road in a clearing and got a few pics of it from my car, one of these below …


 It wasn’t bothered about me one bit and just stared me out, it won the staring competition by the way! A few more sortie’s from the other SEO’s was witnessed with a few more images being captured.





All in all a good time had by me and the SEO’s looked like they were enjoying being themselves 🙂 No Barn Owls or Hen Harriers to report on this occasion but there is always next time eh? 🙂


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