Just for a change something interesting happened at work.

I am now known more for birds and photography at work than I am for actually working so it was no surprise when someone said they had just seen a bird near the feeder outside my office window and could I tell them what it was.

From the description they gave it sounded like a Chaffinch but I stood dutifully waiting for it to appear so I could confirm. While I was there looking through the window there were Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and Long Tailed Tits, along with Robins, Dunnocks, a Pheasant, a Magpie and then a pair of Chaffinches. These turned out not to be the bird they had seen.

I was trying to get a better description when someone pointed and shouted “there it is”. When I looked it was a Brambling and pretty soon there were about half a dozen of them.

I put some feed down on the grass at lunch time and grabbed my camera, managing to get a few half decent pictures in the murky mist that was today’s weather!

More interesting than my usual day at work, and a first Brambling of the year for me to boot!

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