Less than 1 mile from home

Had a wander in the sun today with my binos and camera to hand. Nothing was in my mind as to what I wanted to see, well apart from a glimpse of a Kingfisher perhaps but river levels on the Witham would stop that one eh?

I walked down Green Lane from my home and was greeted by the usual calls and flypasts of House Sparrows, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Robins, Greenfinches, Goldfinches that are resident down there.

2 Wood Pigeons and a single Collared Dove that were half way up a tree on my left  hand side then went mad and from in-between two houses on the Spinney that have back gardens bordering the lane a majestic Sparrowhawk glided silently, powerfully and speedily up and over the hedgerow and followed the lane path away from me at about 2 feet from the ground, oddly enough all the previous birds mentioned stopped very still and made no noise for a few minutes 🙂

I was unable to get my camera onto the bird as it headed towards the back school gates on Green lane. I walked down the lane a little further and a Coal Tit appeared and then disappeared within seconds and in the same area I could hear the high pitched muse of a Goldcrest.

I waited for a good 5 minutes to get a sighting of the diminutive Goldcrest but nope it was not playing either, just as well really as it was in the shaded side of the bushes / shrubs on the lane. I continued my leisurely stroll and eventually got to the school gates and again I heard another Goldcrest this time higher up and in a conifer right next to the gates.

I waited and got the odd glimpse of a very lively pair (by pair I mean 2) of birds, I got a few shots off as they darted in and out of the tree looking for food. Most of the pics, no all,  were blurry to differing degrees and a reasonable pic can be seen below of one of the lovely little birds.

I then moved on to make my way around to Queen Liz Park and I saw another (possible same) Sparrowhawk high up in the sky to be then followed by a dark coloured Buzzard that was gliding into the direction of town following the route of Belton Lane, Chaffinches were seen down this end of Green lane in a group of around 10, sadly no Brambling among them :(.

Just before crossing the bridge at Willoughby’s Mill (as us local call it) a male Dunnock appeared on some new fencing and began to belt out his song, this bird is shown below.

The river was, surprise surprise, really high no KF’s to be seen (wonder where they go to feed when water conditions are like this?) loads of Mallards were resting on the river banks, Jackdaws and Crows were noisy above the fields towards the hospital and a few Wood Pigeons flitted around too.  My walk lead me to the small fishing lake where one fella was happy watching his rod do nothing in the sun and the 6 or so Moorhens were happy to share the water with him. I heard a Song Thrush sing from the small conservation area close to this fishing pond, not really a lake now is it?

I made my way there and a lone Redwing caught my eye feeding on the ground near a path.

I tried to get a little closer to the bird using the trees to block me from its vision but a family on bikes passed on the path on off it went not to be seen again. I heard the Song Thrush stike up again with its wonderful song and soon another bird inn the same area stuck up too in competition the birds skulked in the trees and clear shots were hard to get but I did get this one below, mid tune!

Took a slow walk back home the bright sunlight was now being broken by more cloud cover and I got to see the Goldcrests again in the same area but not in good enough light to track well enough to photograph.

At the end of my street a Robin was belting out his song too, spring is deffo on its way folks with all the activity and song witnessed today. I got this quick shot in the sun of the Robin before it went off into the safety of the bushes.

I will trying to do these short walk around my home a little more in the future and if these turn out to be as enjoyable as todays 2 hours I will be happy.

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