Dunsby catch up

Not had chance to post about some recent visits to Dunsby Fen on 2nd, 4th & 7th of February so he goes.

2nd Feb
Called in on the off chance to see what was around and after seeing a Ringtail Hen Harrier briefly upon my arrival things went quiet until it began to get dark,  in short I had a belting albeit dark time viewing 2 male & 1 ringtail Hen Harrier settling down to roost in the tall grasses near French’s Farm. Couple of pics to the Ringtail below along with a terribly poor pic of 1of the 2 male Hen Harriers.DunsHH2214b


4th Feb
Work via both very early start times and location allowed another call into Dunsby via Essendine where I saw the Red Kite, managed to stop and get a few shots off in the glorious sunshine a beauty of a Kite shown below.EssendineRK4214cThen it was onto Dunsby where I called in on my way to Stainby, I got 2 views totalling about 5 minutes of the Ringtail HH and in the sun got a few nice pics again seen below.DunsbHH4214b




DunsbHH4214hThen onto a quiet Stainby, loads of Gulls, Corvids and Starlings and only 3 Red Kite’s kicking about mostly at distance, I managed to get the shot below so to me was worth the trip 🙂StainbyRK42147th Feb
Again finish time and location for work permitted me to call into Dunsby on the way home, this time my plan was to go past French’s Farm to stay on 1 place to see the male Hen Harriers could be spotted and hopefully photographed in better light.

Things did not pan out this way regarding the HH’s sadly but this was well compensated for when I saw very quickly 2 quartering Owls, 1 each of Barn and Short Eared, cool!

What ensued was time spent on odd occasions very closely in reducing light with 2 Barn Owls and 2 Short Eared Owls with a quick view again of the ringtail HH, nice I thought 🙂

As i was slowly making my way back past French’s Farm ager the Owls had departed in search of some food an SEO caught my eye opposite French’s Farm, I stopped and loped and counted and on the 2 sides of the ditch running away from the farm were 4, yes 4 SEO’s all within about 25 feet of one another, light was too dark to get pics and as another car containing birders approached 2 SEO’s moved off, 1 dropped into the ditch out of sight and 1 remained on the branch of a tree overhanging the ditch.

Now i did not manage pics as I said of the 4 SEO’s together but did get some earlier on in my visits of the Barn Owls and SEO’s, these are shown below, enjoy, I know I did!!






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