Murky late afternoon near home.

Took a walk to the small copse at the end of Sunningdale 5 minutes from where I live to have a snout around to see what could be seen in this long narrow stretch of wood that follows Belton Lane towards the golf club and borders the housing estate.

After a walk down Green Lane heading towards Belton Lane I saw the usual suspects, good numbers each of Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Great and Blue Tits, Blackbirds and a couple of Robins with mixed Corvids, Collared Dove and Wood Pigeons overhead now I was hoping to maybe see a Brambling and Lesser Redpoll or two on my travels but this was not to be today.

Walking down Belton Lane towards Belton House I then crossed over at the bend in the road near the ‘Lions gate’ at Belton House and decided to take a look down the lane towards ‘The Mill’ property bordering the land of Belton House and the River Witham. I was greeted with 2 Herons flying low and in circles and with one pursuing the other, or so it seemed. I managed to get a shot of one bird just as it was coming into land. Once it saw me it soon buggered off though! 🙂


I did hear a call of a Green Woodpecker a couple times, this was from the large trees near the entrance to Belton House.

I then saw a healthy looking Fox, a first for me in Grantham as far as I can recall, this was across the river in a field at the back of a property in the village of Manthorpe.


The walk back home was quiet bird-wise and getting duller and duller all the time. I will be going back again for another try on a better brighter day.

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