Marston – 19/1/14

Quick post from me today honest! 🙂

Had 3 hours at Marston this morning, it begun very gloomy with the odd shower, sat in the hide and got a few shots of the Blue and Great Tits enjoying the food generously supplied and also got a pic or two of Great Spotted Woodpecker helping itself to the nuts too!




I left the hide and at this stage was alone on the patch, a couple of dog walkers came and went and a fellow birder came down Viking Way making his way back to the hide, I was stationed awaiting an appearance from the Water Rails, but no luck here.

I decided to take slow walk home and after a little wait to see if the Hen Harrier would appear I got a text from Steve Godson, he was in the hide with Graham Welch and the birder mentioned before (apologies cannot recall your name!) who had seen in the tall tree to the left of the hide at the end of the scrape the Hen harrier. after going to the vantage point at the opposite end of the scrape to the Harrier I then moved back up Viking Way to see if the bird would begin to fly over the reed bed.

Steve G came to join me and we waited, then Graham and other gentleman left the hide, so it looks like it had flown but we did not see it, then I caught a glimpse of something at the end of a row of willows? a bit closer to us, Graham came to us and confirmed the bird  flown into this area, it was again perched after a few minutes it flew of low and fast towards the Mill Lane part of the site and was not seen again.

I did get 3 pics long distant ‘record type shots that I have cobbled into 1 image, but this bird was only a  Sparrowhawk.

MSWHenH19114-questionClick above image to larger version

Steve and I went over to Mill Lane to see if the bird could be spotted but no, did see 14 Curlew over this area though.

The day was a good day for Bullfinch spotting too as they were all over 6 or so were regularly seen all along Viking Way to the Bridle path from the car park, couple of distant shots plus a Curlew pic too below.




Bugger this was supposed to be a short post!! But I guess even if you have a quiet day birding you still may a bit to say?


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