Snowy white thrush.


Marston 18/01/2014

Bumped into Spadge again at Marston, where the best bird by far was a pure, all white fieldfare among a flock, looking just as good as any ivory gull. People know about my fascination for aberrant plumaged birds. Would loved to have got some photos, but it moved off pretty quick, I did see it again, briefly over the back fields off Mill lane, so it’s probably hanging around. If anyone sees it please let me know.

Headed home via Belton, where the corvids were gathered in pre-roost. It was a real Hitchcock job, an estimated 4,000+ noisy jackdaws and rooks filling the air.




One thought on “Snowy white thrush.

  1. In hindsight I’m wondering weather or not it was actually a fieldfare, or perhaps a blackbird. I have searched the web and all white fieldfare is very,very rare. The thing is it was bang in the middle of the fieldfare/redwing flock-it would be unusual for a blackbird to be in there.(unless it was with them for safety in numbers, due to it’s very noticeable condition). Hope to see it again!

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