You can sqeeze a bit of birdin’ in anywhere..


Mon 13th Jan 2014

While waiting to pick my car up from the garage at dusk I noticed a lot of pied wagtails circling overhead. They were gathering for the nightly roost in the conifers on the junction of South Parade and Springfield road, opposite McDonalds. This roost has been here for many years. I reckon between 250 and 300 dropped in. A peregrine flew directly above London Road on it’s way to roost on St. Wulfram’s church.

I got back to the garage and shelled out for a new exhaust, meanwhile an old boy ( Grantham speak : old boy = a young man, not an old man ) was showing off his latest bolt-on goodie, a really loud, throaty, baffle-less exhaust system. He could have had my old one, it sounded exactly the same. I must be bonkers, should have kept the exhaust with the hole in and saved myself a packet. I must admit it was rather a nice sound.

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