Garden Blackbirds

My garden is busy at the moment with lots of birds, Lesser Redpolls (5 so far!) a lone Redwing and a Green Woodpecker being star birds this weekend. But more and more at the moment Blackbirds seems to be congregating in and around my garden. There are more males than females around my garden at the moment I have noticed.

I have been putting out all the usual seeds for the finch type species and am making sure that lots of fruit, apples, pears and oranges, are on the grass in our back yard so maybe this is what is attracting the lovely Blackbirds. There are lots of squabbles with the dominant birds making the small area of grass their own, well trying to at least!

Today I decided to ‘camp out’ a little in the back yard in the vain hope that the 5 Lesser Redpolls (and hopefully more!) seen in with the usual Goldies would return in better photography conditions than the very early morning light I saw the birds in this morning through my bino’s but sadly this was not to be but i did get a few shots of the sometimes overlooked Blackbird and below are a selection of the better images from today, I know they are only Blackbirds in my garden but I hope you can appreciate the humble Blackbird like I do?

homeBbird5114 homeBbird5114b homeBbird5114c homeBbird5114d homeBbird5114e homeBbird5114f homeBbird5114g

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