From dark until dark.

2nd Jan 2014

After yesterday’s washout I decided to put in a full day today and was in Belmount wood, Belton before first light. Tawnys were calling and a raven sounded great in the dark.

I kept within a ten mile radius of Grantham and had just short of seventy species. Perhaps more impressive was my list of sites visited! After Belmount it was Belton park, Belton village, Syston park, Marston, Stainby, Stoke Rochford, Denton res, Area 51, then Hills and Hollows. A look at St. Wulframs revealed a peregrine.

Bird of the day was at Marston, where the hen harrier showed up again, it’s surely spending the winter in the area.

At Belton park a pair of goldcrests seemed to be displaying, the male’s little crest fully erect, like a little Mohican, something you don’t see that often. Inspired me to do a drawing.




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