Marston tick

Marston tick After Dave R’s viewing of the Hen Harrier at Marston STW I was determined to track it down if it stayed long enough. No tracking needed today – I’d just passed the scrape Willows making my way down the track when a host of noisy Corvids drew my attention to the said bird flying low over the reed bed to disappear over the trees. Ales Lees turned up shortly afterwards and said he’d seen it flying over the field to the South. Despite only seeing the bird for about 10 seconds I managed to bang of a few … Continue reading Marston tick

Ringtail hen harrier at Marston.

  Patch gold…. After a good walk around the works area and riverside, I pulled in for a quick look at the car park. Not much to see, but while chatting to a chap from Fulbeck, a botanist who I’ve bumped into before, I noticed a raptor being hassled by some noisy crows. Crumbs!, it was a harrier-a female, or ringtail as it is sometimes called. It was near the Old Barn hotel, then hunted low over the fields beyond the car park, before heading towards the marsh via Mill lane before being lost to view. Anyone that knows Marston will know … Continue reading Ringtail hen harrier at Marston.


After a morning of doing chores, (Sainsburys special of the week was a red kite over the car park) I headed to Bassingham, where a great grey shrike had been seen. Along with Lincoln area birders Andy Sims, Rick Bennet and Mark Paver we spread out but didn’t locate it. These birds sometimes range over a wide area, so it’s likely to be still there. One was reported at nearby Blackmoor over a month ago, most probably the same bird. Did see a few bits and bobs. An area with lots of pheasant cover was attracting lots of finches. Thirty odd yellowhammers, sixty … Continue reading Shrike-less

Hawthorpe SEO’s

Accidentally texted me old mate Kev over the weekend (picked wrong Kev in my phonebook) but this lead to a text conversation taking place as a catch up as not seen each other for a while. Kev let me know about 5 SEO’s out at Hawthorpe, Hawthorpe?? I asked, Kev told me where to go look and as my car had to go into the garage today it gave me the chance to call in and at least find out where the site was. I let part of the Marston massive know, apologies if i missed some out and Trev … Continue reading Hawthorpe SEO’s

Stainby landfill.

    4th Dec. 2013 A lot of gulls at Stainby again today, but I still havn’t managed to find any scarce ones yet, apart from a few yellow-leggeds in the summer. It’s always entertaining here though, with around a dozen red kites today, sometimes at very close range. A peregrine came through, causing every gull, corvid, starling and pigeon to take flight, quite a site. Raven is a regular sighting here, one flew over the tip. Five common buzzards were in the air together. About 800 starlings lined up on wires, making raids to the tip. Called in at … Continue reading Stainby landfill.

Marston STP

Had a bit of free time this afternoon so nipped up to Marston to try and catch sight of the Water Rails and the Stonechat. The Water Rails were making an awful lot of noise but not showing at all and I heard but didn’t see the Stonechat. Also heard a Cetti’s Warbler but never saw it. Came to the conclusion it was going to be one of those days! That was confirmed when I got a text from Steve L saying he had just seen a Brambling at Marston and I missed that too! Spent a bit of time … Continue reading Marston STP

Theddlethorpe mystery bird

I completely forgot to ask about a bird out to see that I caught – albeit it badly from afar – as it flew along the Theddlethorpe NNR coastline heading north. Below are 3 images, what do the expert birders think it is? I have no idea, first thought was Long Tailed Duck? But as usual with me this was only a guess and I am sure I will be miles away LOL!  Please take a look at the images above, apologies as very poor long distant shots, these have only been cropped and not altered at all, i was … Continue reading Theddlethorpe mystery bird

Marston STW 2 Theddlethorpe NNR 1 – visits that is!

Managed 3 visits out and about in last 6 days and got a few pleasing results for me. That being a lifer and the best image thus far of a rather elusive bird, will elaborate in date order below …. Nov 26th – Marston STW Called in to watch the Starling mumuration and also managed a few pics of the good numbers of Reed Buntings kicking around the top of field one where there is a little overgrown area of reeds etc. The Starlings numbered around the 500 / 600 mark but were not in a single group, was just a pleasing … Continue reading Marston STW 2 Theddlethorpe NNR 1 – visits that is!

Welcome back, Mr Stonechat.

  A glorious morning on the local patch.(Marston) There are normally a pair or two of stonechats over-wintering here, but last winter we didn’t have a single bird, so I was well chuffed to find one fly-catching in bright sunshine this morning. The water rails are now becoming a bit easier to see from the track, had some great views this morning with Steve Nesbitt and Stephen Godson who had come along to photograph rails and the stonechat. Steve got some good pics, hopefully he’ll post them on here later, or on his own website. Two cetti’s warblers were heard, in separate locations. Also … Continue reading Welcome back, Mr Stonechat.