The best of Marston stw 2013.


Marston’s best birds 2013 Part 1

Not a lot of anything too spectacular in the first couple of months, but a single waxwing for 10 minutes along Mill lane on 4th Jan was a treat. Cetti’s and water rails were heard regularly, seen occasionally. Red kite was spotted a time or two.

Come the month of March and Mstw enjoyed a bit of a purple patch.  On the 18th a short-eared owl floated over the reedbed. DM had earlier photographed a couple of twite and he relocated them on the 19th, a superb inland record. They stayed around for another two or three weeks, possibly up to five birds, but only two for certain.

twite, photo David Morison

On the 20th a herd of 26 whooper swans spent the day on a turf field.

whoopers. photo Steve Nesbitt.

A ringtail hen harrier was over-wintering in the area, but it was a pain  trying to connect with it. I managed to see it on the 28th and again in early April.

On the 13th of April, not one but two pairs of garganeys were in front of the hide, shame they only stopped for the day. The first returning little ringed plover was also seen on this date.


All the Marston regular gang were now putting a bit of effort in and it paid off. TL had a glimpse of a ring ouzel, late on the 22nd, but it wasn’t to be seen again.

On 3rd June DM found an avocet on the scrape, first here for about ten years !

avocet. photo David Morison.

The next day I found a ‘funny’ wagtail. It appeared to be a yellow of one of the flavissima sub-species. Possibly blue headed or intermediate. It stayed and bred with a normal British male flava yellow.

flavissima type wagtail.

On the very same day SL had an osprey fly over. Marsh harrier, cuckoo,hobby and raven had all been noted by now.

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