Hawthorpe SEO’s

Accidentally texted me old mate Kev over the weekend (picked wrong Kev in my phonebook) but this lead to a text conversation taking place as a catch up as not seen each other for a while.

Kev let me know about 5 SEO’s out at Hawthorpe, Hawthorpe?? I asked, Kev told me where to go look and as my car had to go into the garage today it gave me the chance to call in and at least find out where the site was. I let part of the Marston massive know, apologies if i missed some out and Trev and Dave R already knew about the location.

So …. drove over and turned towards Ingoldsby off the Bourne road where 3 Red Kites were scavenging, no pics as they were flying into the sun, bugger! then along the road into Ingoldsby 3 Buzzards were seen too.

Got to Hawthorpe pretty easily and spoke with a couple of birders in a car who confirmed 5 SEO’s were indeed about and mobile with them seeing 2 already late afternoon. I did not have to wait long and soon 3 birds were in the air battling over the same area, 1 bird peeled off and went its own way while the remaining 2 dropped for a while into the ‘set a side’ fields them took off again.HawthpeSEO91213b HawthpeSEO91213eI am not sure if I saw 4 different birds or not but certainly saw 3 in the air at the same time, nice! While this was happening the cronk! cronk! of a Raven could clearly be head and 1 flew towards the west into the sun.

The 2 SEO’s played around a little then moved around the large area looking for grub occasionally diving on possible prey, did not see a successful attack though. HawthpeSEO91213c HawthpeSEO91213gIn the distance what I think was a Rook was having a high flying battle with an SEO and then a Red Kite then appeared with it then being chased off by a Rook too (I think?) only at the place for 30 minutes and it was alive with action 🙂

Moved down the road a little in the direction to head back into Grantham and I heard a squeal and to my surprise a Kestrel flew up closely followed by an SEO, they fought at close quarters for a couple of minutes before the Kestrel gave in, wow what a place will be back soon if its going to be like this all the time 😉HawthpeSEO91213h

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