Stainby landfill.



4th Dec. 2013

A lot of gulls at Stainby again today, but I still havn’t managed to find any scarce ones yet, apart from a few yellow-leggeds in the summer. It’s always entertaining here though, with around a dozen red kites today, sometimes at very close range. A peregrine came through, causing every gull, corvid, starling and pigeon to take flight, quite a site.

Raven is a regular sighting here, one flew over the tip. Five common buzzards were in the air together.

About 800 starlings lined up on wires, making raids to the tip.

Called in at Stoke Rochford lake on the way back, a kingfisher was perched and there were at least eleven little grebes. Spadge texted- he’d got a brambling at Marston, so I went there, but didn’t locate it. GS woodpecker, fieldfares, grey wag, and water rails were about the best of it. Looks like starling roost has petered out, with just a few diving into the reeds.


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