Duckin’ and divin’.

  Denton, again. 13/11/2013 Can’t keep away from the place now. I’m amazed at the turnover of wildfowl here-it’s a different count/mix of birds every day. The res is in a very popular shooting area, along with nearby Belvoir and Knipton lakes and my theory is that birds are moving between these water bodies. On Monday a fine drake goldeneye was fresh in, but not there today, in fact a bit of a clearout was evident, with a lot fewer birds today, though the drake red-crested pochard is still finding the place to it’s liking. The level has dropped further still, but … Continue reading Duckin’ and divin’.

In search of Snow Buntings

Have not seen a ‘live’ Snow Bunting yet so decided to go for a drive to Cleethorpes today, was a nice day for a drive at least!, to see if we could get lucky. In short nope no luck and not a sniff of the birds to be seen. Still Karen and I had a good 2 hour walk and below are my best pics from our time out today. Barnacle Goose – 1 of about 50 at Lakeside Common Gull 1 of several Curlews Little Egrets are not the best @ hide and seek eh? Oyster Catcher  – this was the … Continue reading In search of Snow Buntings

Pied wheatear at Collingham.

  Collingham pits 10/11/2013 Pied wheatear Collingham patchworker Nick Crouch had this superb find yesterday, and it had the decency to stay around ’til this morning. This eastern European migrant, a first winter female, was way off course, mind you, with the sun shining on the extensive gravel workings the area did bear a slight resemblance to an African desert. Managed a few digi-scoped shots. see below. (See Nick’s blog for some better ones and his write-up.) Had to get back as we were booked for Sunday lunch at Stoke Rochford hall, but the car decided to veer to Marston stw on the way … Continue reading Pied wheatear at Collingham.

Denton 8th nov

  Denton res. The level continues to fall due to forthcoming repairs to the walls. The drake Red-crested pochard is still present, along with 190 coot and 50+ tufted ducks. A kingfisher was hovering and diving. A grey and a pied wagtail fed on the shore with a dozen meadow pipits. A steady stream of starlings flew west. 2 bullfinches were in the hedgerows, also a great spotted woodpecker and a good few fieldfares and redwings with a single song thrush. A red admiral was enjoying the November sunshine. Continue reading Denton 8th nov

Cut end 06/11/2013

  Witham mouth again. Nearing the watchpoint at about 9am, I bumped into Steve Keightley and Ian Ellis, who were already making their way back, after having the best of the high water. The tide had started to head back out, but was still pretty full. They’d had some good stuff, including 3 black-throated divers and a couple of long-tailed ducks. Crikey, my list of birds I didn’t see was already looking good (or bad?). Maybe I should’ve made the effort to get up earlier. Things turned out ok, though. My bird of the day was a fine red-necked grebe … Continue reading Cut end 06/11/2013

Lowdham Glossy Ibis – 3rd & 4th of November

November 3rd Never seen one before, got the nod via Birdguides and as was going to visit a couple of Motorhome places in Lowdham then why not take the camera and tripod and make my good lady wait in the car for half an hour, or so!! Got to the location nice and easy, the mini twitch was in a easily accessible places on the A612, parked up said ‘bye for now’ to Karen and off I went. The Sunday visit was at around 12.30pm and it was a nice sunny day but the bird was located at some distance … Continue reading Lowdham Glossy Ibis – 3rd & 4th of November

Stainby 29/10/13

This is a little late I know (apologies) I called into Stainby tip on way back from working in Northampton as it was sunny on the drive home and thought there may be a few Red Kites around to snap away at. I was correct with the Red Kites, there were 7 of them scavenging with a myriad of Gulls but the blooming sun had gone in by the time I got there 😦 so no shots of any worth with the poor light. I heard the ‘Cronk’ of a Raven at the wire fence / gate area of the … Continue reading Stainby 29/10/13


  Denton res. 03/11/2013 An afternoon dog walk around the res. turned up another drake red-crested pochard, a different individual to the one a few days ago.( Unless it had undergone a mega-quick out of eclipse plumage transformation in twelve days.) I think the first bird may have been a first winter. Today’s bird was more like how they are described in the bird books, it’s head positively ‘glowing’ in the afternoon sunshine.Last week’s bird for comparison, below.Also at the res. a familiar friend was the snow goose doo-dar thingy wotsit that has been in the area for two or … Continue reading Denton.