Marston 21/11/2013

It has been a while since I made a dusk visit. It’s a different world here at that time of day.  Water rail squeals really step up a gear and lots of birds drop into the reedbed to roost. I was thrilled to see lots of starlings coming in, then more, then more. I’d got a bit of a murmuration happening ! I would estimate 3,000+.They weren’t all in one group, after the initial gathering of about 1,000, others of up to a hundred would drop in, mostly they came from the east but some from the west. The later ones dropping into the exact spot where the rest were. How do they know? Perhaps they’ve been roosting here a while. Let’s hope that this becomes a large and spectacular roost.

Only other bird of note was a chiffchaff. Steve L had a flock of 15 redpolls this morning.P1060706P1060710

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