19/11/2013. Denton.

The res. is fast becoming my first choice dog-walk route (and Lily’s). The first goosanders of the winter, a drake and female flew off soon after a pike fisherman arrived. There were approx.200 wigeon, the most Iv’e seen here.

P1060701Over a hundred fieldfares and over fifty redwings were in the trees and fields. Three skaarking jays were acorn-ing.

A text from SL informing me of a flock of redpolls and other finches at Marston got me looking there later on, but I couldn’t locate them. Very quiet it was. A green sandpiper and the obligatory squeals from water rails were the highlight.

Got me camera out, only to discover I’d left the battery in the charger at home.

Top three optics tips.

1/  Don’t leave bins and scope at home. (Done it.)

2/ Don’t drive off with your bins on the car roof. (And that.)

3/ Always put lens caps on while eating Scottish shortbread. (Tick)



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