Pied wheatear at Collingham.


Collingham pits 10/11/2013

Pied wheatear

Collingham patchworker Nick Crouch had this superb find yesterday, and it had the decency to stay around ’til this morning. This eastern European migrant, a first winter female, was way off course, mind you, with the sun shining on the extensive gravel workings the area did bear a slight resemblance to an African desert.

Managed a few digi-scoped shots. see below. (See Nick’s blog for some better ones and his write-up.)


P1060633P1060636P1060614P1060619P1060623P1060634P1060620P1060632P1060640P1060610Had to get back as we were booked for Sunday lunch at Stoke Rochford hall, but the car decided to veer to Marston stw on the way back. A quick look on my own patch gave a showy red kite and a grey wag.

Lou Reed’s perfect day was playing on the radio on the way home from lunch….

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