In search of Snow Buntings

Have not seen a ‘live’ Snow Bunting yet so decided to go for a drive to Cleethorpes today, was a nice day for a drive at least!, to see if we could get lucky.

In short nope no luck and not a sniff of the birds to be seen. Still Karen and I had a good 2 hour walk and below are my best pics from our time out today.
Barnacle Goose – 1 of about 50 at Lakeside
Common Gull
1 of several Curlews
Little Egrets are not the best @ hide and seek eh?
Oyster Catcher  – this was the closest I got to one
1 of the 20 plus Redshanks seen, lovely sight and sounds too!

I did see around 40 species in total which was nice!

Also there was 1 oddity, 2 pics of this can be seen below, have had a electronic conversation with Spadge to see what he thought to my hybrid question, what do you think, a possible Ross’s / Barnacle Hybrid. these 2 pics are of the same bird, contrast hugely different in the 2 pics, this is I think down to my camera settings and possibly the differing angles in the strong sunlight. Your thoughts are welcomed folks!
CleethUnknownGoo101113 CleethUnknownGoo101113b

One thought on “In search of Snow Buntings

  1. Hi Steve, lovely,lovely shots. I reckon that goose is the very same one I saw at Freiston shore on 26/10/2013 see my posting for that day(pic). It’s got a bit of ross’s goose in it for sure, but most likely escaped from a collection or feral.

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