Cut end 06/11/2013


Witham mouth again.

Nearing the watchpoint at about 9am, I bumped into Steve Keightley and Ian Ellis, who were already making their way back, after having the best of the high water. The tide had started to head back out, but was still pretty full. They’d had some good stuff, including 3 black-throated divers and a couple of long-tailed ducks. Crikey, my list of birds I didn’t see was already looking good (or bad?).

Maybe I should’ve made the effort to get up earlier. Things turned out ok, though. My bird of the day was a fine red-necked grebe on the sea, the first one of these I’ve found myself.

Geese and swans headed down to Norfolk, or the Holbeach side of the wash. The largest skein of pinkfeet was over 200. Another skein held one bird noticeably larger than the others, could have been a different species. 22 whoopers flew very low.

A female scaup was fairly close in and other seabirds were 6 goldeneyes, red-breasted merganser and red-throated diver.

There were countless waders and commoner waterfowl.

The tides are remaining high for the next day or two, I’m tempted to go back, maybe before high water ! Watch this space.



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