Stainby 29/10/13

This is a little late I know (apologies)

I called into Stainby tip on way back from working in Northampton as it was sunny on the drive home and thought there may be a few Red Kites around to snap away at. I was correct with the Red Kites, there were 7 of them scavenging with a myriad of Gulls but the blooming sun had gone in by the time I got there 😦 so no shots of any worth with the poor light.

I heard the ‘Cronk’ of a Raven at the wire fence / gate area of the tip but could not locate it, bugger! Opposite the gate was a large group of finches that turned out to be a ‘Charm’ of around 200 Goldfinches, I think this is the largest number of this species I have seen at one time. The rose from the field vegetation flew around a little then dived back into the safety of what ever is in that field? Don’t ask me what exactly ‘cos I ain’t no gardener no farmer 😉  I tried to take some pics of the ‘Charm’ and after a little editing on the PC at home the photo below is the best I got.StainGoldicharm291013

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