Lowdham Glossy Ibis – 3rd & 4th of November

November 3rd
Never seen one before, got the nod via Birdguides and as was going to visit a couple of Motorhome places in Lowdham then why not take the camera and tripod and make my good lady wait in the car for half an hour, or so!! Got to the location nice and easy, the mini twitch was in a easily accessible places on the A612, parked up said ‘bye for now’ to Karen and off I went.

The Sunday visit was at around 12.30pm and it was a nice sunny day but the bird was located at some distance in the field right next to the Peugeot garage mostly feeding well on worms in the shade, the sun was coming in from the wrong direction but a few pics (well more than a few!) were taken and below a couple of the better ones, my first ever GIossy Ibis pics so pleasing all the same 😉LowdGlosIbis31113d
Juicy worm found!!LowdGlosIbis31113l LowdGlosIbis31113n
The bird was happy in the same area for the 30 or so minutes I saw it and was a good distance away and with the shade made getting good shots a little more difficult but that said good for 1st ever shots of a ‘new species’.

November 4th
Called in on the off chance that the bird was still around while returning home from my work, my office is in Derby so a small detour from the A52 along the A46 was no trouble. I did check on Birdguides and the last report was around 10am, so fingers crossed that it was still there.

I arrived and the bird was not to be seen with a small group of about 5 birders standing talking. I decided to wait and see if it came back and 15 minutes later a gent saw the bird loop back over distant trees into the same field this time in the nice and un-shaded sunny part of the field pretty close to the Peugeot garage. As you will all be aware I am sure within minutes the number of birders doubled!

Below are some slightly better pics than the day before as the Ibis was feeding a little closer to the road this time and in better light too.
LowdGlosIbis41113 LowdGlosIbis41113cNot the best in-flight shot above, the bird was heading directly into the sunlight but managed to catch some wing and tail feather formation.
So for me species number 154 photographed in the UK since I have been taking bird pics, which is around 3 1/2 years now.

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