Freiston shore.

26/10/2013 Freiston shore inc. walk to Butterwick.


It was quantity over quality today at the rspb reserve, the sheer numbers of wildfowl provided quite a spectacle. Wigeon covered the lagoon and islands, I made a rough estimate of 4,000. I heard there were high numbers at Frampton too. With lots more on the seashore itself, that’s a lot of birds. A scan through the flocks revealed a handful of pintails.

Geese were around in high numbers too. (brent 1,000+, canadas 600+, greylags 300+,) Some fellas alerted me to a snow goose of unknown origin, but it’s structure and bill was more like ross’s goose.?? or hybred.P1060581P1060586Most likely escaped but a nice bird.

Six whooper swans dropped in for a short stay.

I had an eye to the skies for mast of the day, following the recent glut of pallid swift sightings. My phone alerted me to two new sightings today, further north, but no such luck there.

Other birds:

marsh harrier, kestrel, 2 red-breasted mergansers, 2 juv gannets, 30 grey plover, lots of  teal, oystercatchers, redshanks, knot, bar-tailed godwits, dunlin, ringed plovers, curlews, golden plovers, lapwings. A few sanderlings, turnstones, black-tailed godwits and snipe. 20 little egrets, grey heron, 2 grey partridges, tree sparrows, redwings, mistle thrush, goldcrest, kingfisher, shoveler, little grebes, rock and  meadow pipits.






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