Yellow-browed warbler at Marston 17/10/2013.

Trudged around Marston this morning with Steve Lyon (Spadgebirder). It was deadly quiet, we saw next to nowt, we tried turning an almost concealed snipe into a jack, but naaa. There were plenty of linnets, mipits and pied wags around. The greylag flock has now built up to c500 with 60 teal and 20 wigeon + 15 curlews.

Along Mill lane we located a predicted and much hoped for prize, in the shape of a yellow-browed warbler, though still a great surprise. This is the first site record and a great inland find. Spadge nearly fainted when he heard it call, just feet away from us. Only minutes before he’d played the call on his phone, as we discussed yellow-broweds. This boy is very good on bird calls, amazingly, just a week or so ago while working in Oxfordshire,(with Trev), he located another inland ybw. On this occasion he was up a ladder, was wearing ear protectors, and was using a grinder but still heard it call – bloody amazing.

We stayed with the bird for nearly an hour, eventually getting some very, very good views. It was fairly easy to re-locate after it moved away down the hedgerow, briefly joining a tit flock at one stage.It’s favoured area was from just past the house, ranging from here towards the and of the lane. If anybody else goes please let us know if you see it. I can’t get again until Sat.

I see that there were other inland records recently-(Whisby,Eyebrook,etc) – this left us wondering just how many go unrecorded?, especially as most birders are looking at coastal sites and/or noted reserves. There must be many others. The bird-shaped blob in the middle of the pic is the bird-honest !




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