Seawatch,Huttoft 14/09/2013.


So,with the light to moderate wind coming from the NE, it was to the coast for the day. I love seawatching, I’m not that good at it, but find the challenge really enjoyable. You kind of need a 40year apprenticeship. Anyway, I was pleased today with not having to let many go,(unidentified). It was a bit disappointing really, I thought it would be better, long waits between birds and not many close in, I really enjoyed it, though, with some decent birds seen in a morning session-9 til 12 and a pm session-1.30 til 3.30.;

Curlew sandpiper 3,flew up the beach and went inland,

Arctic skua 16,

Gannet 35  (one flock of 20),

Sandwich tern c20,

Guillimot 2,

Auk sp 4,

Common scoter 10,

Red throated diver 5,


Little gull,adult,

Teal 6,

Gt black-backed gull 20 0dd,

Sanderling 21,




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