Freiston and Witham mouth 10/09/2013

Freiston and Witham mouth today.10/09/2013.

Well, with another free day, the thought of knot going birding was hard to swallow, so I headed to the wash again to get a bit more of my favourite hobby. I took a swift walk to the Witham mouth hide hoping to get there before the rain set in. I had to duck down next to the building to get out the wind and took terns between seawatching and wader watching. Hungry as a gannet, I bolted down my sandwich and got on with a bit more birding. Really glad I didn’t see a shag, because I don’t know how I would have incorporated that in my story.

Did I get away with the above ?.I really did see all the birds highlighted. I’ve just got time to do a slightly more serious summary before the England game starts.

Saw a late swift with loads of swallows, all over the place. A hobby chased a swallow. At the Witham mouth six skuas were seen, mostly arctics, but one bird caught my attention and was a candidate for a pale phase juv long-tailed skua. I’m not that confident of saying it definitely was one, more experience required, as ever. But it looked good. Slimmer and noticeably smaller than the other birds seen, it looked only slightly larger than the sandwich tern that it was chasing.It also seemed to have a lighter flight.

Two black terns came by, close inshore. I’ve now seen black tern here on three of my last four visits. The usual mass of waders and gulls showed along with sandwich and common terns, plus little egrets. A juv gannet went north.

That’ll do for now. C’MON ENGLAND !

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