Marston Lifer.

Marston 07/09/2013 Site rarity.

OK, OK, it’s only a nuthatch, but it’s very unusual to get one here. Trev tells me there have only been one or two previous records.

When I pulled up at the car park this morning a couple of birders I’d never met before were about to leave. They were Terry Barnett and Roger Favell from the Deepings area. We chatted about what they’d seen and what Marston was like in the days they used to visit regularly, when Curlew sandpipers, little stints and the like were regular visitors.We were stopped in our tracks by a nuthatch calling strongly from a nearby tree.

Trevor Lee called by with his lovely family, they’d been at the Olde Barn hotel in Marston for a swimming session but there was no further sign.

We got to wondering why a nuthatch should just turn up. My Birds in England book reads as follows.

“They are highly sedentary and territorial throughout the year: the median distance moved between ringing and recovery of British adults is less than 1km with that for dispersing juveniles just 2-3km and, of about 300 birds ringed in Britain, just 33 moved more than 10km from where they were ringed”.

All very interesting, I’ve never found nuthatch in any of the small stands of wood/copse near Marston, but they are very common at Belton, about 7km away.

On the scrape there were six green sandpipers and a few snipe.


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