Marston today.

Marston stw this afternoon 31/08/2013

My main objective was to gather some cherry plums for jam making.Yer,I didn’t think you’d buy that one.I fess up,birding was the number one priority,but I did pick some plums,look…P1060041

There were around twenty odd snipe,probably many more out of site.Ten on the scrape,four on mud opposite car park,five in horse paddock and three on the back pool.

P1060042Two green sandpipers,two curlews and about fifty lapwings were around.Two little egrets in front of the hide were the first I’ve seen here for a while.

P1060043A hobby was around again,it likes to perch in the trees running parallel with the track and road,got this pic the other evening.

P1050986The field opposite the car park held a couple of wheatears.


Now that’s my kind of photo,can’t you just feel the moment ?

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