Freiston shore.


I arrived mid morning,the tide was heading out.It had been a high one but I was too lazy to get there early.A birder I know had just returned to his car and informed me he’d seen sixteen black terns at high tide.Jeepers!. I dashed to the seawatching hide,hoping that one or two may be lingering-they were-and there were more than sixteen !.

I watched them for some time and enjoyed their delicate flight and feeding.They were always distant,at one stage they all went higher and I got a count of thirty two.A couple of them landed and rested on some floating driftwood.They headed further and further out into the wash as the tide receded.Common and sandwich terns flew along the shore and a little tern was at the Witham mouth.Eleven wigeon came in off the sea.

Perhaps everybody was there earlier,but I never saw another birder.This is what it’s like in Lincs,though,massively under watched.There were lots of black terns reported on the East coast and inland today.

Yellow wagtails,swallows,sand martins and house martins were all around in good numbers.Six whimbrels flew overhead,calling.

When the tide was still in thousands of waders were on the lagoon,you couldn’t see the mud for birds,but for me nothing came close to seeing those terns.

The birder I bumped into earlier also reported a med gull, a couple of spotted flycatchers and a little stint.





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