Gulls,butterflies etc.

Tues.20th Aug 2013

Took the dog for walkies at Marston stw,(just for a change).Not much about but the clover field along Mill Lane was absolutely heaving with butterflies-most Iv’e ever seen in one spot.Peacocks,small torts and whites made it look like a Disney scene.There were literally hundreds,perhaps over a thousand?Amongst them half a dozen painted ladies were spotted while scanning.

Fields are still being ploughed in the area and are attracting gulls.Along Sand Lane towards Barkston I pulled in,using my car as a hide.I just happened to have the greatest hits of A flock of seagulls blasting from my cd player,that shouldn’t scare ’em off should it?I think it’s just coincidence that I like bands with bird names-guillimots is another fave along with doves and the eagles,mind you I’m not that keen on the housemartins.Anyway,back to the gulls,there weren’t as many as the other day but a couple of yellow legged gulls mixed with the five commoner species on show.Also on these fields were many corvids-crows,rooks and jackdaws-hey we’re back on the bird/pop group thing again-counting crows,now there’s a good band.This theme got me thinking and I stumbled across an amazing BlogSpot website with a list of bird named bands and a mind boggling amount of info about anything and everything connected with birds,nature and allsorts,ranging from interesting,educational,through strange,funny to downright bizarre.If you click on it it’ll keep you occupied for about the next ten years,either that or you’ll nod off.

Link here:

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