Kirkby on Bain.

19th Aug 2013

Kirkby pits held lots of birds today.There were lots of large gulls on the tipside pit,mostly herring and lesser black backeds,with one or two great black backeds.One herring gull stuck out like a soar thumb (or should I say soar head?).The bird in question seemed to have a squarish nape,but with other features combined,I couldn’t turn it into anything other than herring gull.I consulted the ‘oracle’-(Dean Nicholson).Dean informed me that the most likely explanation for the red parts was ink.What happens is that when the gulls are feeding at a rubbish tip and the compactor runs over a discarded ink cartridge,the stuff splatters all over the nearest gull.Dean told me he’s seen gulls of nearly every colour in the rainbow.Pics below,it looked even redder in real life.

P1050919 P1050913 P1050911 P1050914P1050893There were lots of lapwings on the pits today,well over a thousand,concealing one or two smaller waders.A common sand,a little ringed plover,snipe and three or four green sands were about the best of it.Just a single common tern was around along wth six little egrets.The Egyptian geese appear to have bred well,saw around twenty in total.

Once again in this great butterfly season there were plenty around today,with small coppers,brown argus,comma,common blues etc,and loads of silver y moths.

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