Garden Green Woodpecker

Earlier this month I saw for the first time a Green Woodpecker in my back garden, it was a juvenile, later to be seen as a male, that was often seen in the school grounds at the back of my house. The first glimpse was just that, a fleeting view as it looked around close to a decked area and then it was off.

Today I got home and Karen spurted out “Steve it’s that peck, peck, wood, THAT BIRD!” I was catching up at the pc on work emails and looked up and the Green Woodpecker was on the grass just under a rotary clothesline searching for its fav food, ants.

I rushed to change the lens on my camera, normally it always has the 400mm lens attached but on this occasion it did not as I had done the wedding photo’s for a close family friend over the weekend and had not changed it back. So I rushed to change over to the 400mm lens and as I was doing so I was saying to myself (possibly out loud too!) “stay there!, stay there!” to the pecker 🙂

I dare not go to the conservatory as I am aware of how skittish these birds are so a bedroom window would suffice (sounds dodgy taking pics from a bedroom window with a monster lens on it I know!!). Eventually I rattled a few pics off and below you can see half a dozen shots of the juvenile male, lovely to see this species so close.HmeGrWood13813d HmeGrWood13813i HmeGrWood13813j HmeGrWood13813m HmeGrWood13813o HmeGrWood13813p
The bird went into next doors garden after about 15 minutes with us, hope it comes back 🙂

One thought on “Garden Green Woodpecker

  1. Stunning shots Steve, lucky you! It is amazing just how docile juvenile birds are in the garden this year, I actually walked up to and stroked a young Chaffinch feeding on the lawn below my feeder!

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